Monday, August 4, 2008

Clearly It's Humorous!

Hi there and welcome back to our CCEE Stampers blog. Hope you all had a great week and got lots of stamping in.

Well it is a new month, August which means that we have a new host for our challenges ... that would be me, Frances. I am very excited to bring the challenges to my CCEE friends and I hope that some of you also can find the time and join in the fun too.

I like acetate or transparent card ...... you can find a tutorial for this in the resources section of SCS, if you have never done them before. Click on this link to find the Acetate or Transparent Card Tutorial.

I was also checking on special holidays for this time of year and noticed that it is "Clown Week" 1 - 7th August each year in the US & also that Lucille Ball was born on the 6th August .... so my challenge this week is:

To create an acetate or transparent card that has a humorous theme to it .

Don't forget you are welcome to play along too if you would like ....
come back here and post a comment to this post so that we can go check out your card and if you are uploading your card to SCS then please use the keyword CCEEC.

Ok I can't wait to show you what the CCEE team have created this week: Click on their name to go to their individual blog or gallery to find more info on their cards.

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyendekker - Stamp Talk with Tosh

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Carolyn King-My Blog

Thanks for looking!


Cindy Haffner said...

Cool girls, all your cards are rockin'.

I want to thank Frances for the killer job she does every week doing our write-up for our blog.

We love you Frances!!!!!!!!!!

Mothermark said...

I 100% do an awesome, awesome, awesome job and I know you are busy without being responsible for that task too! Thank you so so much!

Anonymous said...

AUGUST??? WHAT??? Your kidding?? AAAHH......where did July GO??

**hmmming to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall tune**.....31 days to go....31 day to go...they'll all be in school, it'll be so cool....31 days to go!!

These cards are amazing today, ladies!! I have YET to make an acetate card!! I love the clown, and the halloween, oh HECK, I love them ALL!! THanks for the inspriation!!


Carolyn King said...

Clearly awesome cards gals---glad i checked back---couldnt find some on SCS!

I love all the different takes on the challenge--but everyone is buzzed cept Tosh and me---as it was CLEARLY supposed to be a Halloween theme! lol!

Kim Etherington said...

What a bunch of talented ladies you all are! Love these clear cards you gals made.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cards - ladies!!!
I might have to play along.....let me see what I can come up with - you all have inspired me!!!

See ya later!!!