Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Winner!

Hi everyone

Well we didn't hear back from the person who won the baby stamp set that we had from a few weeks ago when we had our baby photo challenge and as we didn't have any way of getting in touch with her ... Cindy M has drawn a new winner.

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

From the first card down:
Dawn L
Deb M
Frances B
Cindy H
Charlene M
Tosh L

I'm sure I'm SO wrong!! But, I gave it a try! Cute challenge!

Congratulations Lori .... hope you enjoy your prize!

A Valentine Supply Challenge

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend. Of course being Monday means it's time for yet another CCEE challenge!

This week our challenge was a supply challenge with Cindy Motherway sending us the supplies & instructions for our project.
Cindy sent us the following:
  • 2 different designer papers (red & pink)
  • 2 different ribbons (red & pink)
  • 1 heart brad
  • 1 heart button
  • 1 sentiment
  • paper bag
  • sheet of red heart stickers
The instructions that Cindy included with the supplies were:
  • you must use the white bag and the sentiment ... we had to be careful not to mess up, cause Cindy only included the one sentiment!
  • you must use one of the papers. You must fill it with something fun and you must give it to your hubby for Valentines Day.
  • We could use anything else we wanted ... we didn't have to use it all.

So now it is your turn to play along .... you might not have same supplies as we do .... but you can still make a valentine goodie bag to give to your hubby and if you don't have a hubby to whoever you like! So make your bag and don't forget to come back here to post a link to your bags in the comments section of this post. If you are uploading to SCS, please don't forget the keyword CCEEC.

Ok now it is time to see what the CCEE Stampers came up with for this week.

Dawn Lusk - Dawn .... A New Day

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyendekker - StampTalk with Tosh

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Carolyn King - My Blog
Charlene Merrick

thanks for looking ... don't forget to come back next week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Dirty Congratulations!

A big congratulations to Carolyn King who was revealed on the 15th January to be one of the newest members to be recruited to the Splitcoast Stampers Dirty Dozen. We are so very happy for you Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos

CNFS - Fishlips!

Happy Monday everyone ... as you all know that means it is challenge time for another CCEE Stamper challenge.

This week it is time for another "Catchy Name Featured Stamper" challenge (CNFS). This is one of our favorite challenges that we do each month ... basically one of our members picks someone who has a catchy user name on SCS and then we create a card around that name and mail off our card to that person.

This week it is Cindy Motherway's turn to pick the CNFS and she picked Fishlips! Cindy instructed us that when we created our card it had to have fish/fish lips on it, or fish of some sort, preferably the kind that swim! Easy enough!

So would you like to play along???? All you have to do is create a card that has a fish or fish lips on it. Come back here and post a comment on this post with a link to your creation so that we can check out your card. If you upload your card to SCS, please remember to add the keywords CCEEC.

Ok let's check out what the team got up to this week!

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyendekker - Stamp Talk with Tosh

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Carolyn King - My Blog

Charlene Merrick

My card has a joke on it which you might not be able to read on the outside and the punch line is on the inside. It goes like this:

Hey, Fishlips! What sea animal can be adjusted to play music?

ANSWER: A Tune-A Fish!

Dawn Lusk - Dawn .... A New Day

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We have a winner!!!!!

Thank you to everyone on your comments to last week's CCEE Challenge ... the baby photo challenge.

Cindy has now selected a winner for the Baby stamp set donated by Stampers Dream.

And the winner is.....................

Anonymous Lara's Laugh Lines said...

~**Brilliant Fun!!**~TFS

You've inspired me to make baby photo bithday cards for each of my 9 siblings. I will make a duplicate card to send to my Mum and Dad on each of the kids' birthdays.


Congratulations Lara ... can you please pm "Mothermark" on SCS with your details so she can arrange to have the prize sent to you .... or leave a comment to this post with some way of contacting you.

If the prize is not claimed within 48 hrs we will do a redraw.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guess That CCEE Baby ... The Answers!

Well this has been sooooo much fun reading everyone's guesses LOL ... so far no one has guessed them 100%.

Even the other CCEE members have been stumped on this one.

Seeing most of you used the photo collage I created above to give your guesses, I will use that too to give you the answers. This one had me stumped for a while ... trying to work out what you all meant by top, middle and bottom row LOL .... I thought you were seeing the blog post somehow differently then I was ... and then when I received an email from a fellow CCEE member and she did the same thing ... the penny dropped!!!!!!

Anyway I have kept you all in suspense for sooooo long I am sure you want to know who is who ... if you don't those CCEE girls sure do. I will update the previous blog post shortly with links to our blog posts so that you can read our comments on this challenge if you so wish.

Don't forget that if you want to be in the running for the prize for this challenge to leave a comment on this post before midnight 17th January.

The Answers:

Top Row: Dawn Lusk; Frances Byrne; Charlene Merrick

Middle Row: Cindy Motherway; Cindy Haffner

Bottom Row: Carolyn King; Deb Mills; Tosh Leyendekker

So how did you go?????????

Monday, January 12, 2009

Guess that CCEE Baby????

Happy Monday to you all. As you all know Monday's mean it is time for another CCEE Stampers challenge.

This month is Cindy Motherway's turn to supply the challenges .... which mean we all start to shudder and quake wondering what she has gotten up into this time round LOL!

Well she did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy challenged us to ........

Make a card using your baby picture. This is going to be a limited supply baby picture card because we want our cards to not look like our cards, get it?

Here is what you cannot do:
· No fancy edges or borders using a fancy punch of any kind, no scallops, no nestabilities, no nuttin!
· No fancy primas, no brads, no eyelets, no charm, no ordinary or extraordinary embellishments.
· No sewing on any of the cards and no Thomas Kinkade landscapes!
· No over the top, crazy complicated, triple and quadruple layered sketches!

Here is what you must do:
· You must use a piece of ribbon.
· You can use as many different colors of cardstock/designer paper as you wish.
· You must make your baby picture the main panel, main focus.
· You can use stamped images with your baby picture as long as your picture is the main focus.
· You must try to keep away from what you feel is your signature look.

Bossy isn't she ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell ya this really got some of us scared, not being able to use our favorite things.

If you go checking out our individual blogs today you will notice that we haven't uploaded our photo cards as we normally would ... that is cause we don't want you cheating ... you have to work out who you think belongs to each photo ... yes that is what we all looked like as babies ... cute weren't we hehe! To help you there are photos of each of us as we look today ... well recently anyway LOL. So post a comment and give us your guesses.

Now it will be worth your while to have a go and try and guess this week cause we have a prize for you! What would be more appropriate than a set of baby stamps seeing it is a baby challenge. One lucky person will get to win this Rubber Soul Baby Stamp Set which has been kindly donated to us by Michelle from Stamper's Dream. You have until 12 midnight EST Saturday 17th January to be in the running for this prize.

I will be editing this post tomorrow (Tuesday) to tell you which photo belongs to which designer. And those of us who post our CCEE projects to our blogs will be posting our photo cards to our blogs tomorrow also.

So would you like to play along ... we would love to see your baby photos too ... so why not also make a photo card using one of your baby photos. Too hard finding a baby photo of you at short notice ... well any photo card will do ... we would love to see your ideas. Don't forget to come back here and post a link in the comments section of this blog post. If you upload your card to SCS please don't forget the keyword CCEEC.

Ok now it is time to see our creations this week. I will be posting the pics of our projects in a random order ... not how I normally would post them. Oh and you will also notice I am not including the name of the designer of the card etc .... until tomorrow.

*Edit .... I have added the names of who belongs to which photo card below .... if you want to read their story about this challenge click on the link provided above the photo.

Dawn Lusk ... Dawn a New Day

Carolyn King - My Blog

Cindy Motherway ... This is My Story

Frances Byrne ... StampOwl's Studio

Deb Mills .... Feeding My Soul

Cindy Haffner .... Cindy Haffner's Corner

Charlene Merrick

Tosh Leyendekker - StampTalk with Tosh

ok so as not to confuse you all the one below is an extra one created by one of the CCEE team for one of our members :) ..... I bet you can tell who this is supposed to be hehe!

*** Well I think you all guessed that this is a photo of Cindy Motherway hehe .... so who made it ... hmmmmmm. Cindy might be gunning for them LOL! Ok I will tell you ... it was Dawn Lusk!

Thanks for looking and don't forget to leave a comment on this post before 12 midnight EST Saturday 17th January to be in the running for this prize

Monday, January 5, 2009

H & M Supply Challenge

Happy New Year everyone. The CCEE Stampers team are finally back and ready to get back into our weekly challenges. We still have one or two members away ... but the majority of us are here eager to get back into the swing of things.

To get us started H & M Stamps have sent us each a stamp set of our choice for us to use on our creations this week. Some of us seem to have been on the same wave length as we selected the same stamp set ... but a couple of members did pick different ones as you will see by our cards at the bottom of this post.

Now before I share our cards with you I would like to share some news with you about H & M Stamps that you might not want to miss out on. This Tuesday 6th January & Wednesday 7th January, H & M Stamps is holding a 2 day garage sale. I believe stamp sets will be able to purchase for $5 each .... wow is that a bargain or not. So don't forget to make sure you go on over to their web site and check out all the super bargains!!!!!!!

Ok now it is time for you to play along with us if you wish ... if you have H & Stamps in your collection then please use them this week to create your card. If you don't as yet, then use one of our creations and use that as your inspiration this week ... you don't have to CASE it ... just use it as a starting point to create your card ... you can use the layout, the colors or you may have a similar stamp in your collection that you could substitute for what we used.

If you play along come back here and post a comment on this blog post so we can go and look at your creation. If you are uploading to SCS please remember to use the keyword CCEEC.

Now let's see what the team came up with this week:

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyendekker - Stamp Talk with Tosh

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Charlene Merrick

Dawn Lusk - Dawn ... A New Day

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Hope you all enjoyed our cards today.