Wednesday, May 19, 2021

CCEE2120 - International Tiara Day

 May 20th is International Tiara Day, and also the birthday of Queen Victoria. So, get out your crowns, gemstones, and gold to see what you can create that would be fit for a queen. Maybe it might be a card or crown for your favorite little princess in your life, or maybe you love the look of Victorian styled art and decor. Have fun and be creative. 

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Lois Bak - Clownmom Creations

Liz Williams - Old Right Brain Madness

Lynn McAuley - Confessions of a Left-Brained Stamper

Kelly Santi - Sandcastlestamper

Maryann Einam Stamping on Greens

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Deanne Saunders said...

No linky. Here's my project