Thursday, October 17, 2019

CCEE1942 - National Fossil Day

Hi everyone! 
 Kelly here continuing on as your October hostess!
Yesterday was National Fossil Day. 
 A fossil is a preserved impression of a once-living thing from a past geological age, including plants, animals, shells, and more.
  Your challenge is to create a card including anything that has been found as a fossil -- dinosaurs, leaves, amber, footprints, etc.

We look forward to seeing what you make!

Kelly - Sandcastlestamper

Lois Bak - Clownmom Creations

Anne Harmon - Inkinginred

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Vicky Gould - Village Stamper

Lynn McAuley - Confessions of a Left-Brained Stamper

Liz Williams - OldRightBrainMadness

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