Thursday, September 8, 2016

CCEE1636, W-O-R-D

I think most kids are back in school by now.  So lets have a Word Challenge -- the word being WORD.  Include something on your card that begins with each of the letters in W - O - R - D.

Vicky Gould - Village Stamper Ramblings 

W - Woods; O - Owl, R - Ringless Honey Mushrooms, D - Deer
(Mushrooms are those small circles at the base of tree to left)

Anne Harmon - Inkinginred

W = white;  O = owl;  R = round;  D = doily

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

W - Wings; Wise Owl; O - Owl; Oval; R - Red; D - Daisy

Liz Williams - RightBrainMadness

W-words in bg and white, O- orange and olive, R-red, D-deer

Lois Bak - Clownmom Creations
(W) Water; (O) Ovals, Ocean; (R) Red; (D) Dock

Maryann Einam  Stamping on Greens
(W) Wedding (O) ovals (R) Rings (D) Dies

W (wind) O (outdoors) R (ribbon) D (Die)

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