Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Overboard!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another CCEE Stampers challenge.

This week we continue with our August challenge host Cindy Motherway's challenges based on the popular 60's song The Birds & The Bees.

Let me tell ya about the Birds and the Bees
And the Flowers and the Trees
And the Moon Up Above
And a Name I Just Love!

As you can see, Cindy has used some artist license to change the last line of the song so that we can do one of our favorite challenges each month, the CNFS (Catchy Name Featured Stamper) where we selected someone who has a catchy user name over on SCS.

Here are Cindy's instructions to us all:

Your card has to be in an honor of a SCSer whose name I just love! (CNFS this week!) Grandma Overboard. Your card must have a Grandma Overboard on it. She could have fallen out of a boat, off the stage, out of the tree, off of a flower, into the pool, off your card, into an oval, off of a building, off of a horse, out of a sleigh, out of an airplane, etc. etc. etc. She just has to be overboard!!

Cindy also warned us that if we were thinking of cheating and just putting the words Grandma Overboard on our card, then those words have to be falling off/out of something!

Apparently this is Cindy's way of getting even at us all for all the techniques we have been making her do when it is the rest of our turns to host the challenges hehe!

So are you going to play along this week??? All you need to do is to create a card that has a grandma going overboard somewhere on it. Once you have created your card/project come back here and place a comment with a link to your card/project to this post so that we can see what you created. If you upload your card/project to SCS don't forget to include the keyword CCEEC. We can't wait to see what you create!

OK now it i s time to check out what the CCEE Stampers created this week.

Dawn Lusk ..... Dawn a New Day

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyendekker - Stamp Talk with Tosh

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Grandma can't figure out how to work her new reclining sofa! Snort!

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Charlene Merrick - Where m&m's Gather

And just in case Cindy doesn't think my mouse is a grandmother, here's a close up of her hair:

Mighty Mouse -




Well that's it for another week, don't forget to come back again next week


Darlene said...

Now there's a twist I wasn't expecting ... I'm ROTFL at all your creations ... they are all ADORABLE!!! Let me see what I have in my stash to work with ... thanks for the fun start to my week!

Mothermark said...

Hey Mighty Mouse!

Looks like your grandma is stuck on a plank in the middle of the sky! How on earth did she do that?

Never Fear! Underdog is here!!!

Charlene....this challenge was not Over Cupcake!!! Snort! Love your grandma mouse! I am thinking about buzzin' you...just cuz it would be fun!!!

Cindy and Hoots, you are borderline getting buzzed also, as I am wondering what your grandmas are falling off? Maybe the party band wagon and shoppers anonymous? Okay, I will let you slide!

Tosh, definately, your grandma fell off the band wagon....and the hard stuff to boot! Should she be driving? Maybe that's how Mighty Mouse's grandma got up the plank!

Snort! Fun cards guys....Hee!

Dawn and Deb? Where are you? Did you fall off the face of the earth with your grandmas?? Giggle!

StampOwl said...

hehe ... Cindy check my blog for the definition of overboard LOL.

Chris said...

yikes! I don't think I have a granny stamp with me or even back home so I am going to have to do some serious thinking if I'm gonna play with you guys this week.

Sabrina said...

Been thinking about this one all day, and even with the possibility of a non-human grandma I'm getting nowhere fast. Old doesn't feature in my stamp collection - but I enjoyed looking at the cards here on the blog.

MrsD07 said...

HAHAHAHA!! Those are some really cute cards!! I love it!!!

Carolyn King said... ALL get the gong---(except, of course Micky Mouse!) Clearly the challenge was
Where is the board? Common girls--pay attention! *SNORT*

Carolyn King said...

...ahem, I mean MIGHTY mouse! *giggle*

Cathy Spicer said...

Wahoo! What a GREAT challenge. I just bought an OCL Granny set and was so excited to ink it up.

Cat’s Creation

Liz Williams said...

These are too cute.

Diane said...

Well, I did my Grandma "ovrborad" cards...actually did 2 of my Gama doesn't FALL overboard, but she ahs gone overboard on cats and caffine....check it out!

ineke said...

Here's mine!
my granny did really fell overboard....