Monday, January 12, 2009

Guess that CCEE Baby????

Happy Monday to you all. As you all know Monday's mean it is time for another CCEE Stampers challenge.

This month is Cindy Motherway's turn to supply the challenges .... which mean we all start to shudder and quake wondering what she has gotten up into this time round LOL!

Well she did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy challenged us to ........

Make a card using your baby picture. This is going to be a limited supply baby picture card because we want our cards to not look like our cards, get it?

Here is what you cannot do:
· No fancy edges or borders using a fancy punch of any kind, no scallops, no nestabilities, no nuttin!
· No fancy primas, no brads, no eyelets, no charm, no ordinary or extraordinary embellishments.
· No sewing on any of the cards and no Thomas Kinkade landscapes!
· No over the top, crazy complicated, triple and quadruple layered sketches!

Here is what you must do:
· You must use a piece of ribbon.
· You can use as many different colors of cardstock/designer paper as you wish.
· You must make your baby picture the main panel, main focus.
· You can use stamped images with your baby picture as long as your picture is the main focus.
· You must try to keep away from what you feel is your signature look.

Bossy isn't she ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell ya this really got some of us scared, not being able to use our favorite things.

If you go checking out our individual blogs today you will notice that we haven't uploaded our photo cards as we normally would ... that is cause we don't want you cheating ... you have to work out who you think belongs to each photo ... yes that is what we all looked like as babies ... cute weren't we hehe! To help you there are photos of each of us as we look today ... well recently anyway LOL. So post a comment and give us your guesses.

Now it will be worth your while to have a go and try and guess this week cause we have a prize for you! What would be more appropriate than a set of baby stamps seeing it is a baby challenge. One lucky person will get to win this Rubber Soul Baby Stamp Set which has been kindly donated to us by Michelle from Stamper's Dream. You have until 12 midnight EST Saturday 17th January to be in the running for this prize.

I will be editing this post tomorrow (Tuesday) to tell you which photo belongs to which designer. And those of us who post our CCEE projects to our blogs will be posting our photo cards to our blogs tomorrow also.

So would you like to play along ... we would love to see your baby photos too ... so why not also make a photo card using one of your baby photos. Too hard finding a baby photo of you at short notice ... well any photo card will do ... we would love to see your ideas. Don't forget to come back here and post a link in the comments section of this blog post. If you upload your card to SCS please don't forget the keyword CCEEC.

Ok now it is time to see our creations this week. I will be posting the pics of our projects in a random order ... not how I normally would post them. Oh and you will also notice I am not including the name of the designer of the card etc .... until tomorrow.

*Edit .... I have added the names of who belongs to which photo card below .... if you want to read their story about this challenge click on the link provided above the photo.

Dawn Lusk ... Dawn a New Day

Carolyn King - My Blog

Cindy Motherway ... This is My Story

Frances Byrne ... StampOwl's Studio

Deb Mills .... Feeding My Soul

Cindy Haffner .... Cindy Haffner's Corner

Charlene Merrick

Tosh Leyendekker - StampTalk with Tosh

ok so as not to confuse you all the one below is an extra one created by one of the CCEE team for one of our members :) ..... I bet you can tell who this is supposed to be hehe!

*** Well I think you all guessed that this is a photo of Cindy Motherway hehe .... so who made it ... hmmmmmm. Cindy might be gunning for them LOL! Ok I will tell you ... it was Dawn Lusk!

Thanks for looking and don't forget to leave a comment on this post before 12 midnight EST Saturday 17th January to be in the running for this prize


Carole Campanile said...

Great Challenge. I think ... in fact I'm almost positive that last card, the baby with the M&M t-shirt, is Mothermark!! ROFL!

Leave it to Cindy to make it hard. Although, I'm seeing some buzzer items there. Scalloped edges, eyelets, brads ..... *giggle*

The no Thomas Kinkade was a direct bunch to sweet Dawn. I'd lodge a formal complaint if I was you Dawn. *wink*

Well done ladies. All the cards are wonderful and very clever.


Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

You girls are just too funny and having waaaaayyyyy too much fun without the rest of us!! LOL What an hilarious challenge - the results are priceless. Will definitely have to put my thinking cap on to figure out who is who. Hehehe

Maryann said...

Great cards girls, even thought some of you did not play by the rules. BTW Frances you were a cute precious baby. Maryann

Sabrina said...

How fun those cards are, even though I see several primas and brads and things...
It will require some thought to make any sort of guess - except for the brilliant one at the bottom! Now who could that be???
I think the one with the grid background has to be my favourite, but so hard to choose. And all such cute pics. I only have one of me as a baby, after that they start about 4 years old.

Karin said...

What a fun challenge to see the results of! So many cute babies can only result in cute cards!

Mothermark said...

Okay, who's idear was it to make the polka dotted M & M baby? Hootsie, that better be revealed tommorrow too so that I can send out the formal letter and notice of probationary period!

And don't you think for once that this probation is from making our challenge cards cuz many of you are so busy that would be a *good* thing! No, the probation period involves using your favorite embellishments, cardstock, coloring techniques and maybe even family members.

I have a whole day to think sumthin' up!! And another thing, when is it my turn again to assign the challenges? I might have to do some scheduling changes!! Snort!

Mothermark said...

I am leaving another comment after thinking about this one.....that baby is in an M & M outfit. That is so Charlene (Bertie)and her birthday is in just a few days.....the thing that worries me here is the polka dots!!

Is this a rendition of what a combination of Bertie and Gertie would look like as a baby with an old and aged face???

No worries! Comment 6 and 7 won't win the contest! Giggle!

Cindy Haffner said...

Hee hee the cutest baby is the last one by far. Awesome job girls, so sweet.

Dawn said...

haha...great job girls...too cute! and that OLD baby at the end *shock*....tooooo funny!!

Betty Wright said...

LOL!!!!!!!! Girls this is a riot of fun!!!!! The cards are gorgeous. This is hard!!! Here are my guesses....

From top going left to right per row...
Top Row.....
Dawn Lusk, Cindy Motherway, Cindy Haffner
Next Row.....
Tosh Leyendekker, Carolyn King
Third Row
Deb Mills, Frances Byrne, Charlene Merrick

I want to change two or three, but I am going to go with this. Can we guess more than once? Hee Hee!!!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!! Here's my guess:
Top left - Dawn
Top center - Deb
Top right - Cindy Haffner
Middle left - Charlene
Middle right - Cammie
Bottom left - Tosh
Bottom center - Frances
Bottom right - Cindy Motherway

I'd make a card, but have no idea where those ancient pics are. haha

StampinCathy said...

What a FUN....but hard games. I can't wait to see how many will get them all right or at least 1.

Here are my GUESSES:
Top row
Dawn, Charlene, Cindy H
Middle row
Cindy M, Carolyn
Bottom row
Tosh France Deb

Love all the fabulous cards you all created and that last one is a hoot.
Thanks for a fun game and a chance at some swee candy.

dpkennedy said...

These cards are fantastic! But, this was so not easy! I was sure, then I changed, then I looked at the other guesses and I don't match any of them...and they don't seem to match each other very I figured it's best to go with my first instinct.

Top row:
Charlene, Dawn, Deb,
Cindy M, Tosha
Carolyn, Cindy H, Frances

It was fun guessing...can't wait to see the results!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

So, so, so cute. Here are my guesses...
top row: Frances, Cindy M., Dawn
Middle: Charlene, cindy H.
bottom row: Carolyn, Deb, Tosh

I can't wait to find out who is who!

Anonymous said...

Good challenge Mothermark. Your were all beautiful babies. It was very hard to guess who is who, but I am going to try it. Here goes.

First row #1 C. Haffner
#2 Charlene M.
#3 Dawn
Center row #1 Tosh
#2 Cindy M.
Bottom Row #1 Carolyn King
#2 Frances
#3 Deb Mills

Thanks for the fun.


Judy Rozema said...

What fun this was!! I am probably way off, but here are my guesses:
Top L: Charlene (w/ horse)
Top M: Frances (pink card)
Top R: Dawn L (So Very card)
Middle L: Cindy M (with bottle)
Middle R: Tosh (peach *baby* page)
Bottom L: Cindy H (brown w/ punches)
Bottom M: Deb (in hat)
Bottom R: Cammie (looks like she's talkin' on the phone already!)

Sabrina said...

A wild stab in the dark, because I am no good at this - most babies look like each other to me!
Clockwise from top right - Tosh, Cindy M, Frances, Cindy H, Cammie, Dawn, Deb, Charlene

Pat (mspfd) said...

This is what I think:
From left to right
Top row: Dawn, CindyM., CindyH.
Middle row: Frances, ----, Tosh
Bottom row: Cammi, Deb, Charlene

Anonymous said...

This was a great challenge to look at
My guess is
Top Left Deb Mills
Top Right Dawn
Top Middle CIndy Haffner
MIddle Right Cindy Motherway
MIddle Left Tosh
Bottom Middle Charlene
Bottom Left Frances
Bottom Right Cammie

Thans for the chance to win! I can't wait to see How any I got right!!

Anonymous said...

What "cutie patooties"!!!! A fun challenge! Cindy M's creative brain really kicked into overtime on this one didn't it?

Here are my guesses:
top row: left = Charlene
top row: center = Cindy H
top row: right = Dawn

center row: left - Cindy M
center row: right = Tosh

bottom row: left = Cammie
bottom row: center = Deb
bottomm row: right = Frances

The only one I feel I could be right about is Cindy M (at least I think so).


Anonymous said...

All of the cards are absolutely wonderful.. What a great challenge.

This was really hard.. Here is my guess though!

From L-R Top Row
Dawn, Frances, Charlene
Middle L-R
Cammie, Cindy H
Bottom Row L-R
Tosh, Deb, Ciny M

Thanks for the opportunity to play and win!

Carolyn King said...

This is hysterical---
I am even having a hard time figuring out who I am, I am so cornfused!

Anonymous said...

I love the m&m baby card.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I can guess you cutie pies!
Top Row:
Left, Tosh, Middle: Cindy Haffner, Right: Dawn Lusk

Middle Row:
Left: Cindy Motherway, Right: Carolyn King

Bottom Row:
Left: Frances Byrnes, Middle: Deb Mills, Right: Charlene Merrick

~Lori Roop said...

From the first card down:
Dawn L
Deb M
Frances B
Cindy H
Charlene M
Tosh L

I'm sure I'm SO wrong!! But, I gave it a try! Cute challenge!

Anonymous said...

This is my guess at who's who.
Top row:
Tosh, Cindy H, Deb
Cindy M, Dawn
Bottom :
Cammie, Frances, Charlene

Elaine said...

What a fun challenge! My guesses based on the cards from top to bottom 1. Dawn 2. Frances 3. Carolyn 4. Tosh 5. Deb 6. Cindy M 7. Cindy H 8. Charlene

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

I wanna be the M&M baby. Can we start over? LOL!!!

Thanks for a fun challenge, MM! Oh, by the way, I DID follow the rules!!!

Judy Rozema said...

Ok, I stink! Only 3 out of 8!!!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot !! you girls are just having way tooooo much fun. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Sharon in NE said...

That was great! Love these!

Stephanie said...

That looked like great fun! All the baby pics are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

peggy w said...

The baby pictures are so cute. And I love the layouts as well. Thanks for the chance to get in on the contest and for the great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

~**Brilliant Fun!!**~TFS

You've inspired me to make baby photo bithday cards for each of my 9 siblings. I will make a duplicate card to send to my Mum and Dad on each of the kids' birthdays.


Anonymous said...

What a fun challenge! I'm so excited you girls have a blog - I will be tuning in daily!


Sam said...

what a perfectly fun way to host a giveaway!!! I would never have guessed which photo went with which crafter!!!

Helene said...

what a great challenge...I love all the cards...very fun