Monday, October 13, 2008

CNFS - Jstarbright

Howdy everyone ... hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to get a little stamping done. It is that time of the week again when the CCEE Stampers get together here to share our cards we created for our weekly challenge.

This week our challenge is one of our favorites .. the Catchy Name Featured Stamper challenge ... we pick a name of someone on SCS who has a catchy name and then we create our cards around that Stampers name.

This month the CNFS is Jstarbright ... Dawn who is in charge of the challenges this month asked Joni (Jstarbright) some of her favorite things and this is what our cards are based on this week.

Our cards had to have:

  1. Patterned Paper

  2. Birds

  3. A Star

  4. Buttons & Brads

  5. Bonus ..... she collects covered bridges and loves listening to music ... so if you can put a covered bridge and/or music on it there might be a prize *wink*

Now I wouldn't be fooled about #5 I doubt there is any prize haha! ... that is just my CCEE friends fooling around again!

Want to play along ... I know we would love it if you would! Create your card using the first 4 items in the list above and then come back here and link your card in the comment section of this post so that we can check out your card. If you upload your card to SCS, don't forget to include the keyword CCEEC.

BTW ... J is for Joni .... Star is her middle name and Bright goes with star!

OK .... now let's see what the CCEE Stampers came up with this week.

Carolyn King - My Blog
I got so confused about all the things we had to include so I included everything I could think of just to be sure to not get the gong!: eyelets (check), buttons (check), star (check), birds (check), brads (check), hemp (check), stamping (check), designer paper (check)!

Charlene Merrick

Dawn Lusk - Dawn ..... A New Day

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Creative Corner

Some one stole my covered bridge right off my card and no one sent me the memo about buttons and brads! How come I always get picked on?

Deb Mills - Feeding My Soul

Thanks for looking.


Mothermark said...

Is this where you file a grievance and report a theft?

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Bwaaaa-haaaa-haaaa-haaaaa! Cindi, you are hysterical!!!

Great cards everyone!

Judy Rozema said...

Hey Cind*I* is a covered bridge what goes in your mouth when you have dentures? I didn't borrow that from you!! LOL

Fun and incredibly awesome cards this week!! I love them all!! Such talent all in one place!