Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Butt Bertie!

Hi we are back again already! Bet you weren't expecting to hear from us again until next Monday .... haha!

Today we have a special challenge as Charlene aka Lilluvsstampin on SCS is undergoing surgery on her hand today and won't be able to stamp for at least 6 weeks. So we all decided that we would make her a special get well card to help cheer her up.

So why the Big Butt Bertie .... well I will explain. When we first started our group and were chatting in the chat room we use we each gave each other nicknames .... Cindy aka Mothermark suggested she be called Gertie for some strange reason to help save confusion as we had two Cindy's which can be confusing. Someone probably either Cindy or Charlene suggested the name Bertie. A little later Charlene who btw loves M & M's .... said something about if she didn't stop eating all these M & M's she would get a big butt ..... so from there the name Big Butt Bertie just stuck .... haha. If the truth is known she probably has one of the smaller butts in our group.

Our challenge today was to create a get well card for Charlene .... it can be a butt card because of her Big Butt Bertie nic name; it can be an M & M card because she likes M & Ms, or it can be any traditional get well soon card.

For this challenge we have a few special guests who have also created cards for our challenge ... you can see their cards underneath the rest of the CCEE teams cards.

Don't forget as usual you can also play along ... if you want to send Charlene a get well card that would be great, or if you just want to make a card using one or more of the suggested themes that is fine too. Don't forget to put the keyword CCEEC if you upload to SCS.

Here are our cards:

Carolyn King - My Blog
I created a little m&m purse for Charlene because I don't believe for one minute that she has a big butt or that she will EVER have one. Of course, I will be sending lots of refills for a speedy recovery! ((Charlene))

Dawn Lusk - Dawn ...... A New Day

Inside says: Certain Image Keep Coming To Mind Whenever I Think Of Our Friendship!

Cindy Haffner - Cindy Haffner's Corner

Frances Byrne - StampOwl's Studio

Tosh Leyenndekker - Stamp Talk with Tosh

Now...this is a big butt...nothing like what you claim to have!!
Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!!

Cindy Motherway - This is My Story

Charlene, I know there is not alot of M & M's in here. I didn't wanna cover up the butts but accompanying this little acrylic box card will be some of your beloved M & M's in a bag not a box! Good Luck! We are all thinking of you today and sending best wishes!

Joanne Grzelak aka Jojot

Shirley Quarry aka Wannabcre8ive

Hope you are back stamping with us soon Charlene!


Mothermark said...

Hey Charlene....

Good Luck today. All will go smoothly and before long you will be back to normal, free of pain in your hand, and stamping!

As the ring leader of the *butt* cards I hope you know its all in good fun! Those of us that have met you in person know you are not really Big Butted! Take it easy and let us know how you are progressing. I will be thinking of you all day!
Love ya!

Cindy Haffner said...

Hey Charlene, all the best to you, hope you can stamp soon. I'm the nice one of the group and made you a pretty card, with no butts.

Big Hugs to you.

Carolyn King said...

haaa...I love all the fabulous butt and m&m creations! Great job everyone ....Shirl---I Love the dr m&m---that has gotta help get her better fast! lol!!!

(((charlene))))speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Charlene....otherwise known as Big Butt Bertie or BBB......

Know that we are all thinking of you and hoping that your recovery will be a quick one.....eat lots of M & M's to keep your stamping strength going....that chocolate goes right to the stamping 'genes'.....lol

take care

Darlene said...

Huge get well wishes go out to you Charlene! Hope surgery goes well and you heal quickly!!!
Ladies ... your cards are ALL adorable ... love all the butts and M&Ms ... you guys are TOOOO much!!

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

You all are such magnificent friends! I love your thoughtful, heartfelt cards/projects and good wishes. Warm fuzzies!

Judy Rozema said...

These are ALL hilarious!!! LOVE them! I can't begin to compete with those butts (well, in real life, maybe! LOL), but I did send Charlene a butt card.....LOL

Charlene, I hope you are feeling better this week!!!!